fall leaves and gutterToday is the first day of Fall!

Be sure to make time for the following maintenance musts to protect your home against cold weather:

– Check door and window weather stripping & check for caulking around doors and windows that might need to be redone

– Check your chimney to confirm no animal nests are blocking the flue

– Have your heating unit inspected by HVAC company.  Guthmann recommends MTB Mechanical for all your heating & cooling unit maintenance and repairs

– Confirm all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are operational and have fresh batteries.  Especially as fireplaces and gas furnaces are utilized, it is critical to make sure these detection devices are in working order

– Once all the leaves have fallen, clean out and repair gutters and downspouts.  If left unattended, ice dams will form in clogged gutters, forcing water under the shingles where it will leak into the house

– Make sure all exterior water pipes are insulated.  During the hard freezes last Winter, there were a lot of burst pipes in our area