DeclutteringIllustrationSmallRGBFall has arrived – school is in session, football season is underway,  temperatures are dropping, and pumpkin flavored foods abound!

This is the perfect time of year to organize your home.  Before seasonal and holiday celebrations take over your weekends, set aside some time now to declutter so you can enjoy the seasonal parties later!

Sell or donate what you no longer need, organize what you want to keep and throw out the trash! When sorting your items, follow these easy steps:

The “trash” items are the easiest ones to identify. Anything that is broken, outdated, dirty or dangerous should be placed in a garbage bag.  If it cannot be of use to anyone or costs more to repair than replace, toss it out.  Don’t forget to set aside paper, cardboard, glass and plastic items for the recycle bin!

The next category to assign to your stuff is “extra.”  Often we hang on to items because we think we MAY use it in the future, getting rid of unnecessary and redundant items is the fastest way to a clutter free home.   Any item that CAN BE USED, but YOU DON’T USE, should be placed in either the “to sell” or “to donate” pile.

Honestly answer these questions: when was the last time you used this? Will you miss it if it is gone? Did you forget you owned this? Could someone else use it?If the item falls in the “extra” pile, further determine if you want to sell it (Craigs List, EBAY, yard sale) or donate it (Goodwill, Salvation Army, local ministry) as soon as possible.