sav moneyThis is the third entry in a series about the advantages of the Design-Build process.  Previously, we posted about the benefits of having an integrated team and a seamless work flow.

These qualities enable clients determine and maintain a budget, which means significant cost savings for the homeowners.

The traditional Design-Bid-Build method cannot guarantee costs or save money because there are numerous opportunities for surprises down the line.  Subcontractors and vendors do not price labor and materials until they receive the finished plans.  Any changes in design or selections will be costly and delay construction.

A Design-Build firm, however, considers every aspect of the project, and ideas to reduce expenses are incorporated in the plans from the start.  There are no additional design and engineering fees when changes are made in the development phase. The production team has full knowledge of all plans, materials and schedules before the contract is signed, making the construction phase as cost-effective and efficient as possible.