All homes have a “landing pad” where mail, bags and keys are set down as you cross the threshold.  For most families, this space is the kitchen counter or a table in the entryway.  In the past five years or so, having a dedicated area for storing these items has become a popular feature with homeowners.

family-drop-zone-bhgArchitects and Interior Designers have called this space many things: Mudroom, Strategic Storage, Command Center, Mission Control… but The Drop Zone is our favorite name for the area families store important items and information they use the most.  Keys, purses, backpacks, rain gear, and dog leashes are organized for easy access in beautifully designed storage units.

It can be as involved as built-in lockers with USB outlets for charging mobile devices or as simple as a DIY shelf with hooks in the entryway.  Installing bead board before the hooks and cubbies is a great way to add dimension and style to the project.

msmudroomIn addition to storing school gear and sports equipment, there are often spots for leaving messages and reminders: chalkboards, dry erase boards, cork boards… this is a great way to communicate and keep important pieces of paper safe.  Families also display photographs and artwork here.

There are many wonderful and creative ideas for drop zones on Pinterest and Houzz.  Homeowners often include these features in kitchen renovations and mudroom additions.

Guthmann Construction installed this kid sized under an existing stairway:

kids 1