Kitchens can feel very boxy with lots of squared off edges. Find ways to add curvy elements to soften your kitchen design.

Curved Island

white kitchen w curvesSoften the angular aspect of a kitchen by integrating rounded edges and shapes. Here, a curved island front creates a soft, but clearly defined dividing element in the open floor plan. Note also the rounded corner cabinet that graces one end of the kitchen passageway.

Design Elements

curved bench seatClassic curves define the style of this kitchen. The blond wooden arch over the stove top and range hood echoes the curved counter with built in seating. Adding curves to a kitchen remodeling project allows you to do creative things with small spaces.




Curved Kitchen Wall

curved kitchen wallA bank of windows follows the curving lines of this contemporary countertop and cupboards. Curving counters and cabinetry can be custom made to fit unique spaces, such as renovated spaces in older homes. A curved counter also tames the angular nature of most large kitchens.

Curved Sink

curved sinkSo many kitchens offer a series of straight edges — countertops, cabinets, doors and windows. But the straight lines in this kitchen all unite in the room’s center which features a round sink and curved sink front. The simple curve of the cabinetry becomes the kitchen’s focal point.

Curved Corner Sink

curved corner sinkA curved cabinet and sink makes efficient use of space in this modern kitchen. The curved cabinet creates a sense of movement in the kitchen, and makes it feel less squared off — and more spacious.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens