A new school year is about to commence, and many parents want to carve out a special space for their kids to tackle homework, work on projects and study for tests.  Instead of using the dining table, set up an area in the student’s bedroom or make some room in the home office.

turn-an-old-bookcase-into-a-homework-station-for-kids-suuuch-a-clever-idea-saves-so-much-spaceKids will also need to study and do their homework at home. However, arriving at home from school will only make them watch TV, play video games or play with their friends. The needed time to study is sometimes negated. That is why, a good study space can help in encouraging kids to set a time to focus on their homework and study their lessons. A space that is only for them, which is similar to a home office, can easily attract them to sit down for two hours and read or write.

There are several factors to consider when planning a good study space for your kids. First, you must find the perfect chair and study table that is not only functional but also appealing enough for them to work on. Lighting is also essential so they will not easily get bored or sleepy and having enough accessories and school materials on hand will give them the reason to actually do their school work.

Below are a few tips to follow when creating a study space for your kids:

  • Choose a good space in the house for them to study. You can choose a small space inside their bedroom, or if it is too small, a small area in the living room or quiet nook in the house.
  • Teen-home-work-stationHang a bulletin board where they can pin test dates, notes they want to study, and class schedules.  It’s also nice to post their accomplishments at school, such as certificates of achievement or tests for which they received a huge A.
  • Place a calendar in the area. You can put a small table calendar on their desk so they can keep track of important dates, or pin a calendar near their bulletin board.
  • Include a place for their backpacks near their study area. You can install a backpack hook near their desk so they can easily reach for their things while studying. A backpack bin is also a great option.
  • Before buying furniture for the study area, have them try it first. Let them sit down on the chair and see if they can reach the desk comfortably. Also, make sure that their feet can sit flat on the floor.
  • When buying a chair, choose a straight backed chair with cushions for comfort. Plush chairs and backs that are too relaxed will only make them sleepy.  Hard chairs will make them uncomfortable, which will make it difficult for them to concentrate on their studies.
  • Hang a clock on a visible wall or place a small one on their desk, so they can keep track of time while they’re studying.
  • Stock the study area with supplies and materials, such as pens, paper, sharpeners, highlighters, calculators, etc. This will make the area conducive to uninterrupted schoolwork because everything they need will be within their reach.
  • 4003fed08faef944f7a7fbe68b8af6a6Make sure their study area has lots of storage space to promote organization and cleanliness after they study.  If shelving and drawer space are limited, small boxes and baskets also make great storage containers.
  • Sort and label all the supplies in your kid’s study space, so they will know where to find what they need and where to return it when they’re done.
  • Include a good desk lamp or other lighting, so they can easily see what they are studying.
  • For teenagers, a reliable computer and printer are essential.
  • Lastly, let your kid help in designing his or her study area. After all, they will be the one using it!

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