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According to HGTV, “Tween bedrooms are perhaps the final, uncharted territory of interior design.”  Creating a space that is both age appropriate and contemporary is a challenge.

Experts must balance free-spirited youth with smart style, and selecting decor and finished that are timeless is not easy when interests come and go during the preteen years.

There are a few tricks, however, for successfully transitioning a space from a young kid’s bedroom into a preteen’s haven.

Magnetic Wallpaper

magnetic wallpaper

Lori Weitzner’s Wallcoverings

An incredible alternative to cork boards and French bulletion boards, magnetic wallpaper that looks like linen is becoming popular with preteens.  It can work equally well in a mudroom/ landing zone/ home office.

Amy Yin, an award winning designer in New Jersey said she prefers magnetic wallpaper or chalkboard-painted walls to installing a TV in a bedroom, no matter the age of the child.  Regarding a recent project, she said, “we just installed magnetic wallpaper in a preteen’s room that looks like linen,” she said. “She can put up inspiration from magazines or things she’s interested in. She does horseback riding, so it gives her a place to put up her awards. It’s a space that rotates and grows with her interests.”

Designers also recommend when considering the resale value of a home.   Magnetic wallpaper and chalkboard paint would help buyers see their kids enjoying that space.

Alternative Headboards

alternative headboardsA decal like this one is a temporary and budget friendly option for adding style to the space where a headboard would be.

Other options include weathered shutters, over-sized artwork, quilts hung from a curtain rod, and bookshelves.

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Loft Beds

Short on space? Give kids space for work and/or play under their bed.  There are many styles, sizes, shapes and price points for loft beds.  They can work well for younger children through teenagers, especially if siblings are sharing a bedroom or the space is at a premium.

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loftbed loftbed2