Lighting fixtures are subtle centerpieces, functional and decorative elements in interior decorating. Lighting fixtures illuminate living spaces and offices, highlight artwork and add light to work areas, but today contemporary lighting design transform modern interiors giving character to the entire space.

Modern lighting design trends 2016 revolutionize interior decorating and turn rooms into impressive and spectacular living spaces.  New lighting design trends reflect advanced Green technologies, offering contemporary lighting fixtures that are efficient, bright and creative.

Contemporary lighting design adding geometric shapes to interior decorating and highlighting geometric decoration patterns.

contemporary lighting ideas for modern interior design

Modern living room design with contemporary lighting

Good illumination of work surfaces and wall mirrors.

contemporary lighting ideas for modern interior design

Highlighting work surfaces and wall mirrors with contemporary lighting

Soft lighting design without sharp contrasts of shades and illuminated spaces.

contemporary lighting ideas for modern interior design

Soft bright lighting design, modern living room

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