The revolutionary collection of faucets by DXV American Standard contains the first commercially-available residential faucets created with additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing. Masterful designs offer an exclusive, luxury faucet experience and collection with industry-leading and innovative approach to manufacturing. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Elevating the experience of everyday living.DXV_Vibrato-Bathroom-3D-Faucet_cdd4599eDXV_Vibrato-Bathroom-3D-Faucet_4d316232

The Vibrato 3D Faucet  ($19,500)


  • Weightless lace design interpreted through robust metals
  • Traditional, decorative appeal with the complexity of multiple waterways, forging a path through a unified conventional aerated flow
  • Offers the illusion that water magically and mysteriously appears from the faucet



The Shadowbrook 3D Faucet  (Contact a Showroom for Pricing)

  • Emulating a cascade delivered only by nature with several paths converging into a river flow
  • Minimalist, stoic body design exploding with endless complexity

Learn more with this video from DXV: