Sengled is an innovative company producing Smart Home Solutions with LED bulbs that do more than provide light.  They make LED bulbs with an integrated bluetooth speakers and LED floodlight with built-in a security cameras that are controlled with a smartphone.

boost bulbOne of their products provides LED light and extended Wi-Fi coverage, eliminating “dead zones” in and around a home.  The bulbs increase signals so a garage, garden shed or tree house can be connected.

The Sengled Boost is a LED light bulb with two built-in antennas for extending Wi-Fi signals.  The coverage area is increased and the bulbs support high speed data throughput rates (up to 300 Mbps).

And don’t forget, they’re LED lights with individual and collective power switches and dimmers.


The Boost app is a command center for connectivity in your whole home. With it you can add new bulbs, customize connections, or control the lighting to suit your mood.