Our Services

Guthmann Construction is a Design/Build Company providing our clients with superior design and quality construction for their residential and commercial needs. Whether it is a small bath renovation, or a whole house renovation; a new custom home or a commercial property upfit; we are qualified and licensed to meet your changing needs. We have spent years developing our Design/Build process, and believe it is a Win-Win Process for all. It offers greater efficiency, coordination, and improved communication throughout the project. Keeping everything under one roof allows for a much more fluid hand off from the design phase, to a price proposal, . . . all the way through the construction process.

DESIGN: The first step to creating solutions.

Guthmann Construction is partnered with Tony Gray, AIA, of Graydesign Architecture, PA. With more than 26 years of experience, Tony has worked with Guthmann Construction over the past 20 years to develop many creative, award-winning solutions to meet our clients various needs. Our design process begins when you call our office to communicate your needs. We listen and then translate those ideas onto paper. Even if  your project doesn’t require an architect….we value the watchful eye of an Expert to examine each of our projects and lend professional recommendation. Remember if a project does not involve design change….it’s just a repair.

RENOVATIONS: Building around your family.

All Distinguished Remodeling begins with a Great Design …. an accurate plan, precise and proven systems, stylish fixtures and selections to complete the form and function of your plan, AND built by skilled craftsmen. A Great Design is the road map to achieving exactly what you envision.

Many homeowners view Remodeling as simply “replacing the old with new” and are usually shocked at the cost of Quality Remodeling. Remodeling is a very different process from new construction. We cannot price it by the square foot like a tract home builder may do. We often remind homeowners that Remodeling is not as straightforward as new construction. It involves additional processes such as demolition, cleaning out, moving rather than simply installing electrical, plumbing, hvac systems, etc. Remodeling is building a “one-of-a-kind” in your home while you watch our progress.

CUSTOM BUILDER: Not just a house. Your home.

Guthmann Construction is an excellent choice as your custom home Builder. With 28 years of experience in construction, we offer full integrative Design/Build services. From that initial visit of gathering your ideas and desires, we can provide the Design and Construction of your “New Custom home”. We are committed to staying informed of current Design and Custom building trends, leading homeowners in making choices not just for today’s needs, but also for their future needs as well. We want you to enjoy your home for years to come. We know that communication is critical to every project because we are not just building a house….it is a home for your family.

COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION: Building for your future.

Charlotte has seen tremendous commercial growth since the early ‘90’s. Guthmann Construction-Design/Build, has grown right along with our Queen City. We are proud to inform you that we can produce projects requiring an Unlimited Commercial License ($1 Million +) from start to finish. Tony Gray, AIA, of Graydesign Architecture, PA. actually began his career in Commercial Design, but has now balanced his portfolio with award winning Residential projects.

If you are planning to expand or renovate your office or commercial property, Guthmann Construction can provide you the Experienced Consultation, Design, and Construction you will need to move your business forward for growth into the future.

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